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Who is The Real World’s Most Interesting Intern?

Okay, so not long ago a video came out of a Cisco intern claiming to be “the world’s most interesting intern” (you know, a play on “the world’s most interesting man” from the Dos Equis beer commercials) and then displaying his rapping talent with internship-related rhymes. Here’s the video:

Naturally, upon seeing such a video, I was offended. After all, “I am the real world’s most interesting intern, fool.” And, that guy was working with the typical old model T-series Thinkpad laptop most large corporations that use Thinkpads still employ, where as I utilize a snazzy and quite powerful Thinkpad w700, which means there’s no way he can be more interesting than me! Further, he noted that his life was equal to a quadratic equation in the background (on the white board), and frankly, that’s far too middle-school-ish to be interesting. All the “most interesting” interns nowadays set their lives equal to triple integrals. At any rate, I felt compelled to film my own response,and thereby protect my “most interesting” title that I totally already had before this guy ever came onto the scene (and the prospect of getting a little publicity for the startup I’m working at, TrackVia, wasn’t so bad either). Here’s the video:

And yes, there will be more videos to come, as this seems as though it will be an ongoing battle, and I have yet to showcase my true rapping (non-auto-tune) skills.

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Trolling Our New Website, iMeetzu

So, we have started a new website that is similar to the infamous Omegle, only with better features. It’s called iMeetzu, and we will be releasing the new version of it sometime this week. At any rate, Omegle has been known for its abundance of trolls looking to confuse and play around with the actual conversationalists. iMeetzu isn’t really any different, at least thanks to me :)


I mean, it’s just too easy really. And quite entertaining. Of course, there’s always the chance that someone will fire back, so be prepared to engage in a battle of epic proportions if you stumble upon a worthy adversary. Practice up as much as possible, because when we launch the new version you will be able to actually publish and rate conversations as you wish, and if you are an amazing conversationalist you might even be able to top the ranks of the best conversationalists, thereby solidifying yourself in the internet wall of pointless fame.

You will also be able to have your own profile, thus allowing you to capitalize on any fame you should acquire through your conversations. This will also enable you to save your favorite contacts, at least if they choose to let you know who they are.

There are going to be some other new developments as well that you should find to be quite satisfying. The end result will be a ridiculously addicting and pointless web interface, but usage of the site should greatly increase your conversational capabilities. And having great capabilities in that regard will benefit you quite well throughout your life. Just my two cents, or maybe three.

Later dudes,

- AaroNeo